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About Suriel


Suriel Arellano is an author, speaker, leadership trainer, and executive coach that has dedicated the last 20 years in helping leaders innovate processes, culture, and customer experiences through the power of digital transformation and leadership. He helps organizations understand how digital technologies drive business success by applying best practices in the areas of leadership development, digital transformation, digital marketing, and business strategy.  

His expertise is complemented by in-depth industry relationships cultivated over a career spent with top-tier firms, including Fortune 100 companies such as IBM and HP.  He strongly believes in the power of the PPT framework (People, Process, Technology) as the foundation of a successful organization, and the role of digital technology in shaping and empowering humanity.

Suriel earned his bachelor’s of science in Leadership and Management from New York University. He also holds a certification from MIT in Artificial Intelligence Leadership and a Business Management certification from Harvard Business School to help facilitate the integration of Digital Technologies in high-performing organizations.

As a DISC Independent Consultant in behavioral analysis, he also provides proven methods for navigating organizational structure and resolving systemic culture challenges to help build teams and create healthy communication across organizations.

In 2022, he joined the Maxwell Leadership Certified Team as an independent Certified Leadership Development Coach, Speaker, and Trainer.   

“He demonstrated deep Digital experience and strong Leadership outstanding performance and experience motivated me to invest and expanded my marketing team to co-work with his team”

Maria Laura “Lala” Valenti – CMO Ecosystem Latin America    

Are you ready to start the fascinating and complex journey of digital transformation for your organization?

Do you want to grow as a Digital Leader in your industry?

With over 20 years of experience as a digital transformation motivational speaker, executive coach, and leadership development trainer, Suriel has the knowledge and skills to guide you on your journey.

Suriel is a dynamic and engaging speaker who has inspired audiences with his insights and passion on digital transformation and the role of AI in shaping and empowering humanity.

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